The beginning is about endings

In the Middle by Angela Housley

On September 2, my husband and I will be flying to Hiroshima, Japan. We are their newest residents. There has been a lot of steps in the process, most feel like little baby steps. There is one big step that we are taking right now and that is

Saying goodbye……

It started with my friend Bob last Friday and has been happening ever since. People are stopping by, calling, scheduling to give one last hug, look us in the eye, to chat that one last time. I assume that the emotional sensation of saying goodbye is individual like our fingerprint or the bacteria in our gut. It feels different to each person. The challenge is to have the courage to feel that goodbye. To let those big emotions swell, overtake you, seep and creep out of your body and express them. I will admit that there have been times that I have “released the titans!” and they have squelched these emotions and prevented me from this experience. Its difficult to let the world see how much you feel.

A curious thing though, with technology, it isn’t like the goodbyes of thirty plus years when I left for an exchange experience. I didn’t have much contact with anyone for a year. I talked to my parents twice on the phone. I wrote and received many letters. But today I know that all I have to do is tap the cute video camera symbol and I will be able to see and talk to anyone who will answer.

The goodbye is about something else. It’s rarely named. The goodbye is goodbye to who we are right now. I am going across the ocean. That physical distance will take a toll. The consequences are unknown. Bit by bit I am saying goodbye to my current life.