Epilogue to Gifts

October 4, 2014

We had just returned from a long walk finding my cooking school. All of a sudden there was loud buzzing. “What is that?!” I knew what it was. To get into our building, you have to buzz the apartment number. The screen showed a delivery man. “Chotto matte, kudasai.” {Please wait a minute} Rich stammers. I ask, “What are you going to do? Just tell him to come on up.” As the man starts explaining, Rich hits the button with the picture of the key, and the screen shows the man entering the building. He delivered us this package.


The baby themed wrapping paper confused us. We checked the shipping ticket. It was all in Japanese except for the apartment number and our names.  Although baffled, who can resist opening a package, we open it. To our horror is a picture of a baby. This is not our package.  We banter back and forth about how this could have happened and what to do next. Rich checks the ticket again. At the very bottom is a name in Roman letters we recognize. It’s the gentleman in charge of our transition to Japan.  His baby had been born only a week before our home finding trip.  This new dad had to be with us and away from his new son for three days.  He had been so helpful to us that I had brought him a onesie from the University of Idaho. I am embarrassed to say that I gave it in the plastic bag from the Campus store. Here is Jeto with his onesie.


I think this is a gift thanking us for our gift. If you look closely you can see the baby announcement. In hiragana we read the word “hagimemashite” which means please to meet you. You will also see on the paper underneath are the zodiac signs and the time he was born is larger than any other one. Finally, just like our boxes of soap, his name is written down the middle.  The meaning of the characters are directly related to what his parents want in his name. The katakana to the right tells you how to say the name. These are educated guesses.


Inside are some lovely articles. I will let you know what they are when I find out.IMG_0962

One thought on “Epilogue to Gifts

  1. What a cute little boy. I am sure you were surprised to see the picture. I know what you were thinking but, not true. The picture you and Rich got was very good of his baby. Would love to know what is in the other packages, they look very interesting. Love to you both Aunt Sylv & Uncle Bill


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